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The social network that blew up the global Internet continues to gain momentum. They refer it to sites for adults and in terms of attendance in the Adult category, the project has already bypassed many well-known competitors (such as Bongacams ). There are more and more authors, the volume of published content is also increasing, and in order to break through, you need to come up with new and interesting Only fans ideas.

To make life easier for creators, we decided to collect original Only fans ideas. How to fill your page, everyone decides for himself. There are many record formats, you can’t limit yourself to anything, and you must definitely take into account the general direction of the project. The more often you post something new, the more likely you are to win the respect of subscribers.

What content is listed on Onlyfans?

The social network has already been dubbed “Instagram without frames”, because most of the authors post explicit photos and videos on their pages. It was the lack of censorship that helped this project take off so quickly. However, there are many people who maintain accounts without erotica.

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How to succeed on Onlyfans – get promoted, gain a lot of subscribers and increase earnings

The number of platforms for making money on the Internet is steadily growing, and they bypass competitors due to different chips. Not so long ago, another cool project broke into Runet – Onlifans. A social network without strict censorship quickly gained popularity all over the world and now even famous people are trying to earn money through it.

It is not difficult to register, mandatory verification is required, because the site is from the 18+ category . But it’s not enough just to create a page, everyone wants to know how to succeed on Onlyfans , because the competition here is already quite high . We will show you how to get promoted, gain a lot of subscribers and increase earnings

Making money on Onlyfans with your content

Many perceive the platform as an adult-only resource where erotic content is posted. In fact, they gain a lot of subscribers here without posting nude photos. Earnings on Onlyfans are also available for a man, any “white” topics are used and are successfully promoted.

The social network differs from analogues in a wide range of functions for monetizing accounts. Paid subscriptions, broadcast donations, pay-per-view posts, private messages, voluntary donations. The audience is large, mostly foreign, money is spinning here in earnest.

We recently posted tips for Onlifance authors from actors , they also help to increase earnings and promote accounts.

Many do not bother on how to be successful on Onlyfans, launch a platform, set the subscription price and just wait for the fans to come. There is no magic, you need to optimize the page, achieve popularity, come up with interesting content, post regularly and be sure to use advertising.

Average earnings on Onlyfans

There is no such concept, because the difference in the income of the authors is too big. With the same success, you can try to find out how much entrepreneurs receive, but someone sells potatoes on the market, and someone has an oil base. There are enough successful examples, if we talk about wealthy authors of Onlyfans, then their monthly profit will surprise anyone:

AuthorLinkSubscription priceSubscribersMonthly income
Karley$131 900395 700$
paigey$181 300$543 900
Brandi$115 800370 560$$58 600263 700$$80 100360 450$
YAELA$85 600$256 800$90 000$270,000

Some authors give interviews and show their statistics, which confirm such a high income. You can really earn a lot on fans when you learnt how to be successful on onlyfans, and the statistics above only take into account profit from subscriptions. How much more is dripping from donations and from the sale of photos / videos, no one knows.

Page content and layout

You need to start with optimizing and filling your account. Then you must study how to be successful on Onlyfans, There are not so many settings on the site, the first thing you choose is a profile photo and a cover photo. These images, as well as information from the biography block, will be seen even by those who accidentally landed on the page and have not subscribed yet, so it is important to try to motivate the visitor to click the “Subscribe” button:

how to be successful on onlyfans

You can write about yourself for 1000 characters, so you have to be concise, meaningful and accurate. In the first lines, you need to introduce yourself, tell about yourself and explain what content is being posted. What will subscribers get for the money spent? Write in English, do not copy other people’s texts, try to compose as much information as possible.

how to be successful on onlyfans - get promoted, get a lot of subscribers and increase earnings

On the background or profile picture it is better not to allow pornography, a maximum of light erotica. Choose the best shots, visual appeal will make your page more beautiful. In the account description, remove unnecessary links, no advertising, only what should be of interest to potential subscribers.

Promoting your Onlyfans name and brand

The more famous the person, the faster you can collect a lot of followers. It’s hard to gain popularity within Onlyfans, you need to go beyond this site on how to be successful on onlyfans. The platform is made to interact with fans, and until you gain a reputation, no one wants to pay you to access your account.

It is necessary to use all social networks, blog platforms, video hosting and other services. Make your way in the media, on television, any PR (even black) helps to attract attention. Remember the story of Diana Shurygina, who was not known to anyone before the TV show on Channel One. Now she also sells nude photos on Onlyfans.

We have already presented 12 ways to promote on Onlyfans , use all methods at the same time and get the maximum effect.

Your name is a brand, how do companies operate to win the loyalty of the target audience? They hold promotions, run ads, find out the interests of customers, and so on. You need to act in the same way, treat your account as a full-fledged business. The more people who know about you, the better to be successful on onlyfans.

Greetings for new subscribers

Onlyfans has a feature to automatically send a private message to those who have just subscribed to your account. In the profile settings there is a special line Welcome message, you must first enable it, and then a form for adding text appears. You can also attach photos, videos, audio, and even put paid media viewing:

How to succeed on Onlyfans - get promoted, get a lot of subscribers and increase earnings

A private message is the best way to increase the interest of a new subscriber. Ask questions in them to get feedback, to increase efficiency, attach some free content. This will be the beginning of a friendly relationship, as well as the first step in turning a fan into a devoted fan, and these are some of most important keys on how to be successful on Onlyfans.

how to be successful on onlyfans - get promoted, get a lot of subscribers and increase earnings

You can edit your welcome message at any time. See how well it works. And of course, you will have to allocate enough time for correspondence. Subscribers are not stupid people, they know about the automatic greeting, so if it is not followed by active communication, expect an unsubscribe soon.

Discounts and promotions for subscribers for Onlyfans

In supermarkets, yellow price tags are hung for a reason, they help increase sales. This works on the subconscious of a person, so any “profitable” offer makes him take advantage. The Onlyfans authors have several tools to apply this trick:

Onlyfans Bundle Subscription

A great way to get subscribers to pay for several months at once. You can choose from a package – 3, 6 and 12 months. You can choose one of the options and set a percentage discount for long-term payments:

ONLIFANCE Batch Subscription

The page will display a standard subscription button, as well as a few more buttons for separate payment for 3 months, six months or a year. This is important because some users unsubscribe after the first month.

Onlyfans Additional discounts

It is also important step of how to be successful on Onlyfans. A whole range of settings has been prepared for promotions with discounts on OnlyFance. You can choose who will receive the discount, how long such a promotion will last, how much the cost is reduced, and attach some message to this:

how to be successful on onlyfans- get promoted, get a lot of subscribers and increase earnings
It doesn’t matter how much you want to receive money from subscribers. Set the price 2 times higher and take half off the discount. Nothing will change for you, and users will assume that they have caught a good moment.

Onlyfans Trial period

While your page is not promoted and no one knows the name, you need to somehow develop how to be successful on onlyfans by trials. If you do not want to maintain a free account in parallel, install Free Trial. Access to the site will be open for a while. Subscribers will be able to see your content and if you have time to hook them, they will renew their already paid subscription.

Some authors have a different strategy, they run free pages and use earnings from pay-per-view posts with Onlyfans . With a competent approach, it can bring no less than subscriptions.

Any discount or promotion is an occasion to think about buying. It often happens that a user subscribes not because he is interested, but because then it will cost more. It works quite effectively, and if you look at the accounts of the most famous authors, then each of them constantly has some kind of promotion.

How to promote Onlyfans page?

Promotion on Onlyfans is not an easy task. The social network is closed, you won’t get into the recommendations here and you won’t get random visitors to the page. It is necessary to direct traffic through direct links from other resources. Successful authors use other platforms where they post examples of their content and leave links to profiles and we can learn how to be successful on Onlyfans from these examples:

How to succeed on Onlyfans - get promoted, get a lot of subscribers and increase earnings

Any social networks will do, especially those where a lot of foreigners gather. It is worth connecting video hosting and other sites to this. Look for all kinds of Onlyfans account directories, advertising exchanges, etc. Some even leave links to the site’s official blog in the comments.

It is important to understand that promotion should not be a one-time event. You need to do something regularly to attract traffic to your page. The more platforms you use, the wider your audience coverage will be. It is also necessary to use all the functions of the social network and additional secrets:

  • conduct online broadcasts;
  • upload some content (can be in the form of a drain);
  • participate in competitions and challenges;
  • take photos and videos that no one else has;
  • spend more time on private messaging;
  • upload stories to Onlyfans;
  • priority for promotion should be foreign sites;
  • learn English for free communication with foreigners;
  • simultaneously maintain a paid and free page;
  • link Twitter, Google, Spotify;
  • subscribe to other OnlyFance accounts;
  • actively comment on other people’s posts;
  • buy paid posts from authors with similar topics;
  • conduct mass mailings;
  • add new entries as often as possible;
  • use fundraising goals (Onlyfans option);
  • ask subscribers what they are waiting for more;
  • post on Onlyfans what is not on other pages;
  • use good content creation equipment.

Tens of thousands of subscribers do not gather in a couple of days, but everyone spends different times on promotion. Someone is lucky, their accounts “shoot” and in just a few weeks a lot of fans come. Others may be active for a whole year on the page, but never gain a fan base because they couldnt learn how to be successful on Onlyfans properly.

Be sure to check out 10 useful features and features of Onlyfans , they also help to make work more efficient and attract new subscribers.

Many beginners approach promotion in the wrong way. They promote their page, but in fact, you need to achieve popularity. If they start to recognize you and talk about you, the number of subscriptions will constantly increase and you won’t have to do anything for this. Fame is growing like a snowball.

Onlyfans Mutual PR with other authors

The best way to be successful on Onlyfans is to use other Onlyfans pages. Almost all authors are ready to talk about your page in their account for money. And if there is nothing to invest, offer mutual PR. There is no internal search on the site, so go to any social network and look for users there:


Even Vkontakte has many communities and accounts through which pages are advertised or mutual advertising is offered. On Onlyfans, posts with links to other accounts look nice, they have a block attached with the name, subscription cost, background and profile picture:

How to succeed on Onlyfans - get promoted, get a lot of subscribers and increase earnings

Contact other authors directly, not everyone responds, but you will definitely be able to find interested people. To make such PR even more effective, some even arrange collaborations and jointly create cool content. The main thing is not to turn your own profile into an advertising platform and rather that learn how to be successful on Onlyfans by duplicating the techniques who already very successfull in Onlyfans.

Earnings on Onlyfans with other people’s photos

Such a scheme of earning on Onlyfans is applied, but there are risks. According to the rules of the social network, it is allowed to publish only those pictures in which the author himself is present. If someone else enters the frame, you need to upload their scanned document to confirm their age. Nevertheless, other people’s photos and videos are published on many pages, they are successfully promoted. Here you can decide for yourself whether it is worth taking such risks.

Earnings on Onlyfans: reviews

Not all authors on this platform manage to succeed, so there are reviews where girls and guys complain about low income. Everyone has a different earning strategy, you can’t count on easy money here. The competition is growing fast and you need to try hard to get a lot of people to subscribe to you.

You can watch an interview with the star of Onlyfans Silfy Star , this girl has already gained popularity and earns a lot of money.

It makes no sense to study reviews, it is better to spend time looking for fresh ideas, learn how to make really cool content and promote your name by any means. With this site, you can definitely make big money, the main thing is to be patient.


The secret to making money on Onlyfans is popularity. The more famous person leads the page, the higher the chances of collecting a bunch of subscribers, even with a high subscription cost. Now serious money is being invested in the promotion of authors, because it opens up huge prospects. Breaking through is not easy, but it is quite possible.

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