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How to Start an Only Fans? Everything You Want to Know.

OnlyFans (OnlYfans) is a site where you can create a closed paid community. Users pay for a monthly subscription and get access to content – photos, videos or audio.

We understand how Onlyfans works, how to register, what to publish, where to find subscribers and how to withdraw money.

Hey, the OnlyFans and Fansly articles are over a year old and I update them regularly. More than 5,000 people signed up using links from articles, and 600 authors began to earn steadily .

After reading the article, you will be able to understand whether this platform is right for you and where to start. For those who want to get results quickly, we have an online course with practical tips tested on real profiles.

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What is OnlyFans and how does it work?


OnlyFans allows you to create an account, upload photos and videos to it, and charge people for access to this content.

OnlyFans takes care of the technical and payment processing, so you can focus on content creation and finding your audience.

An example account is below.

how to start an only fans
how to start an only fans

Who is Onlyfans suitable for?

The site has different authors – writers, musicians, fitness trainers, models. For models who create content for adults (adult), ONLYFANS is perfect.


  1. A recognizable brand and a large audience that is already paying money for such content. More than 90% of authors work in this niche.
  2. Many features that are designed specifically for adult content monetization – in-message automation, pay-per-view content and tips. It all makes life easier and increases the income of authors.

The second most popular site in this niche is Fansly . It has a number of advantages, so I advise you to study the information about the differences between OnlyFans and Fansly .

Let’s see how it all works with an example.

In my examples, I use stories from real people I work with. The stories have been anonymized at the request of the authors.

Meet Katya

She enjoys yoga, hiking and taking photos in her underwear while traveling. Katya is looking for an opportunity to monetize her hobby.

Can she use OnlyFans? Yes.

On OnlyFans, you can sell anything – from recipes to nudes.


As newbie, how to start an Only Fans exactly?

First, she needs to open an OnlyFans account (it’s free) and decide how she will monetize it – with a free or paid subscription.

What is the difference?

  1. Paid subscription. You can set a price for monthly access to your account. This will make all content within available without restriction to subscribers.
  2. Free subscription. Everyone can subscribe to your account for free. But some of the content inside you can make paid.

What to choose? It depends on what you plan to sell and how you will advertise your account. Let’s talk in more detail later.

You can change the subscription type at any time. So don’t worry if you don’t know what to do now. Just use whatever seems more appropriate to you.


Katya chose a paid subscription. She already has an audience on social media and they ask a lot for more explicit content.

What is the next step?

We need to understand what exactly make money on OnlyFans, along with how to start an Only fans.

How to make money on OnlyFans?

Understanding monetization tools


How does a subscription to OnlyFans work?

You set the price for a subscription to your account, starting at $4.99. You get 80% of this amount, 20% is the OnlyFans commission. If you want to make a free subscription to your page, leave the price blank.

The subscription can be configured in the “My profile → Edit Profile → Subscription price and bundles” section.

What else can be done:

  1. Advertising campaign (Profile promotion campaign). Discount for a certain period to interest potential subscribers.
  2. Subscription bundles. Give the opportunity to purchase a subscription a few months in advance, also at a discount.
  3. Free trial links (Free Trial Links). If you need to give someone free access, you can generate a unique link.

More details about these tools in the screenshots. We understand what a real account looks like inside.

You can choose any language for the OnlyFans interface. My screenshots will be in English.

Step 1
Subscription settings main page. In the “Price per month” field, you can enter a price for subscribing to your page or leave it blank if you want to make the subscription free. Below the subscription price are the three settings that we talked about above – Profile promotion campaign, Subscription bundles, Free Trial Links.

Pay-per-view (Pay-per-view)

A very cool feature that can bring in a lot of money is the sale of pay-per-view content.

How does PPV work?

When we discussed how OnlyFans works , we mentioned that it is possible to make some content private and only available with an additional purchase. You set the price yourself.

You can sell PPV content both in the OnlyFans profile feed and in private messages.

You can only post a paid post in your OnlyFans profile feed if you have a free subscription. You can send PPV content in private messages with any type of subscription.

Illustration for clarity where PPV works.


This is how PPV content looks like in private messages (Messages).

The author I followed sent me a message asking me to purchase 2 videos for $5.


Private messages can be sent to all subscribers at the same time.

You can filter message recipients by activity or spending. This will make the message more personal.

Also, PPV in private messages can be used to sell custom content to individual users.

how to start an only fans

Step 1
Available filters for message recipients.


Tipping on OnlyFans is a great source of extra income without the extra effort.

Subscribers can:

  1. Send a tip to any post.
  2. Send you a private message with a tip added to it.
  3. Use the “Send Tip” button on your profile page.

Don’t forget to thank everyone who sends you tips. Building a personal relationship with your followers is the most important part of OnlyFans success.

Custom content (Customs)

When we talked about how PPV works , we mentioned that PPV can be used to send custom messages.

Custom on Onlyfans is when you create something unique for an individual subscriber at their request, and then send it as a PPV with a price in a private message.

Of course, creating such content takes more time, but the price may justify the effort.

Now we learnt how to start an Onlyfans,

But How much can you earn on OnlyFans?


Hosting OnlyFans is essentially entrepreneurship. As with any business, there are no 100% guarantees about how much you can earn.

It depends on the quality and quantity of your content, and most importantly, on promotion.

I work with some people who signed up after reading my article and I see that it usually takes 1-2 months to reach $1K+ income. Sometimes readers get their first paid subscribers in the first few days.

These are statistics for the first 3 months of Katya from the example . Good start.


The main audience of OnlyFans is English-speaking. Profile description, texts of posts and communication with subscribers is more appropriate to conduct in English.

If your English is not perfect, use Grammarly .

This service checks everything that you have written, corrects errors and gives advice.

How Start an Only Fans Account? Step by Step.

The whole journey can be divided into three steps:

  1. Register an account.
  2. Publish content – photo, video or audio.
  3. Promote your account, get subscribers and money.

In the article, we will deal with each of these steps in detail – from registration to promotion.

How to start an Only Fans account registration

It takes a few minutes to create an OnlyFans account .

The first step is to fill in:

  1. Email.
  2. Password.
  3. Name (this will be visible only to moderators, later you can set a nickname that subscribers will see).

Follow the screenshot instructions.

steps to start an only fans and create account


steps to start an only fans and create account


Step 1 on how to start an Only fans: 

Enter your email address, password and name. Later you will be able to choose an account name, and the real name is not displayed anywhere.

You will need to add:

  1. Cover (Cover image). Show yourself or your content.
  2. Profile photo. Your face works best. But there may be other parts of your body. Most importantly, all photos must be yours.
  3. Profile address (Username). The link to your OnlyFans page will contain this address.
  4. Profile name (Display name). Visible name for subscribers. Any alias can be used.
  5. Bio (Bio). Introduce yourself and interest potential subscribers. 

You can also add a country, website, social networks, and a link to Spotify.

How to properly draw up a profile was analyzed in detail in a separate lesson of the course. This lesson can be viewed for free on the course page as an introductory piece.


Bio ideas at OnlyFans

The profile bio is a great place to introduce yourself. Help a potential subscriber understand what will happen on your profile and what it might be of interest to him.

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. What do you plan to publish.
  3. How often do you plan to post. When you’re just starting out, it’s hard to predict how long content creation will take. You don’t have to be super precise – “2 posts every day”, it’s better to leave some space for yourself and phrase it as “updates every week”.

Bio can’t be wrong. This is your account, and it’s up to you to decide how to communicate with your audience – be candid, cryptic, or whatever.

Below are a few examples of bio successful models, but the reason for their success is definitely not bio. This is just to give you an idea of what the options are:

  1. – your fav lil college girl, I want to pleasure you & be all yours. I respond to every message here and post 18+ content daily.
  2. – finally 18, excited to learn a lot of things.
  3. – im that little cherry on top.. and i love it when im all slurped up.
  4. – Making you horny and making you smile are my two favorite things to do. You better prepare yourself for a wild ride baby.
  5. – Pansexual cyber slut. I am online every day and cannot wait to get to know you. Daily updates, exclusive content, Skype dates and more!!
Examples of OnlyFans accounts

Cover, photo and profile bio should complement each other. Let’s consider two examples.

  1. The first example is a fitness trainer. From the first line, we see that we are offered daily training broadcasts, nutrition plans and personal selection of exercises.
  2. The second is the model. There are closed stories (blurred to us because we are not subscribed). In addition, the subscription for the first 30 days is free and an invitation to write to the author to receive a bonus. How to stay here?
How to start an Only fans Account verification?

Once you complete your profile, you can proceed to verification.

What does verification mean on OnlyFans?

  1. You will need to take photographs of documents (you can choose from an international passport, ID card or driver’s license) and take a picture of your face. Photos must be of high quality, and the text on the documents must be readable.
  2. You cannot upload photos from your computer, but must take them directly from your browser. It is more convenient to take such photos from your phone, since the quality of the webcam on a computer is usually lower than that of the camera on the phone.

Documents and personal data are available only to moderators. Your data is not publicly displayed anywhere. Verification is required to verify your age.

I recommend that you log into your OnlyFans account on your phone and go through the verification process if you are asking how to start an Only Fans there.

Onlyfans Photo Tips:

  1. Take pictures in good light. Daylight from a window works best. You can place the document on the windowsill so that it is as illuminated as possible.
  2. Place a piece of white paper underneath the document so it doesn’t blend into the background.
  3. Try to place the phone clearly above the document, take pictures from top to bottom, and not at an angle.

To start the verification process, try adding any publication or adding a bank account. The site will give an error that the profile is not verified and will offer to pass verification. Click the link in the error message.

Verification steps in the screenshots.

how to start onlyfans 12 how to start onlyfans

How to Start an Only Fans Verification Step 1 :

Go to the main page and use the field to create a post. Enter something and click publish. You will get an error that you need to pass verification first. Click on the link in the message.

After checking the documents, you will be redirected back to OnlyFans and asked to complete the data. The first and last name will usually already be added from the documents.

At this step of how to start an Onlyfans verification, you will need to specify the address and links to social networks. These links are only visible to moderators and I highly recommend linking to your insta. Make sure your profile is open, moderators need to make sure you’re a real person.

During the solution of how to start an Only Fans verification, you may have a problem with the address. OnlyFans sometimes bugs and swears at the index or the address itself.


A few tips on how to start an Only Fans Verification:

  1. Do not use apostrophes in transliteration. For example, if you need to specify the area – write “Odeska”, instead of “Odes’ka”.
  2. In the address, indicate only the street and the house. If the street name consists of two words, use one or combine them. Not Ivana Mazepy 56/12, but Mazepy 56.
  3. It can swear at the index, but if you fix the street, the index will miss it. If everything fits except the index, try adding/removing a couple of characters.
  4. Sometimes it helps to just cut and paste the address again. It sounds stupid, but it works, just copy, paste, try several times in a row, if it didn’t work again.

You will also need to upload again a photo of the document and yourself holding the document in your hands. If you have an id card, you need to make a collage of the front and back parts and upload it as one file.

If you can’t get verified on OnlyFans in any way, you can make yourself an account on Fansly . There everything goes quickly and without problems.

What to post on OnlyFans?

You can post whatever you want.  The main rule is that all content should be yours. If other people appear in your photos and videos, they will also need to be verified. So as you are asking how to start an Only Fans account, you should be very careful of that.

Let’s take a look at the publishing settings (example in the screenshot).

  1. Add media (Add media). Choose a photo, video or audio.
  2. Video recording (Record video). You can record videos directly from your browser.
  3. Audio recording (Record voice). Works the same way as video recording.
  4. Add media from the vault (Add media from the vault). You can preload all content in a section on the site called storage. While the content is in storage, only you can see it. When creating a post or message, you can save time and select it from the repository instead of searching on your computer.
  5. Add a poll (Add poll). You can attach a poll to your post and make it more interactive. Do you have some photo ideas? Let subscribers decide what they want to see.
  6. Add a quiz (Add quiz). Same as a poll, but you can choose the correct answer.
  7. Deletion date (Expiration period). You can specify when the post should disappear. This feature can be useful if you temporarily run a promotion and share a discount link.
  8. Publication date (Schedule post). You can schedule in advance the date of publications and messages.
  9. Target by tip (Your target). You can set a tip target in this post. Works like crowdfunding.

The process of creating a post and creating a post is the same.


Content ideas for OnlyFans

What to publish depends on your concept. Some authors focus on specific themes or body parts – arms, legs, butts, cosplays, etc.

  1. If you have social media, check which posts got the most likes. Ask your audience what they want to see.
  2. Check out the competitors. What are they doing.
  3. Consider what you can technically do.

Content strategy at OnlyFans is an iterative process. Something to try and see how it goes.


After receiving the first money, it is important to understand how to withdraw them.


How to start an only fans money withdrawing process?

You can get your money after you earn more than $20. You can set how often to receive payments – weekly or monthly.

To withdraw funds, you will need to select a payment system:

  1. Skrill
  2. Paxum
  3. ePay Service
  4. Cosmo Payment
  5. Checkout OCT

On How to Start an Only Fans and Getting the Patments All payment systems work more or less the same way:

  1. You create an account in the chosen payment system, verify this account and connect your OnlyFans account to the payment system.
  2. Money is automatically transferred from OnlyFans to the payment system (Skrill is indicated in the screenshot). By the way, on your bank statement you will see that you are receiving money from Fenix Inc and not from OnlyFans.
  3. At your request, money from the payment system is transferred to your bank account. Usually the name of the sender corresponds to the payment system. Therefore, no one will see that you have received money from OnlyFans.

I use Skrill and Monobank .

Skrill is a secure and fast payment system and is one of the most popular payment systems along with PayPal and Payoneer .

The Skrill withdrawal fee is 3.49% instead of $50 like Paxum and ePayService.

In order to link Skrill with OnlyFans, you will need to open and verify your Skrill account , and then you will need to provide OnlyFans with the email that you used to open your Skrill account.

But! To verify your Skrill account, you will need to link a dollar card to it. If you are from Ukraine, there may be problems with this now due to NBU restrictions.

If you cannot verify your Skrill account, then I recommend using Checkout OCT.

Checkout OCT allows you to link any Visa bank card to OnlyFans simply by entering its number. I spent $2-$3K per month through Checkout OCT with no problems. For large amounts, it makes sense to use a layer in the form of a payment system.


Now, we described how to start an Only Fans, so What are the alternatives and analogues of OnlyFans?

The main advantage of OnlyFans is a large audience and a well-known brand. 

In second place in terms of popularity is Fansly , and in terms of functionality it is even better. I have an article on how Fansly works

Regardless of which you choose, your profile promotion will be the same as OnlyFans promotion .

To start an Onlyfans without followers fastest and best action you can take is partnering with a Onlyfans management agency, since their whole job is digital promotion, while they can do what they expert at, you can focus on creating perfect content. 

Onlyfans doesnt require you to show your face on your posts, so you can freely create contents without showing your face.

If your aim is to generate high amounts of passive income, and if you are ready to create exclusive content, you should definitely start an Onlyfans.

In order to start only fans following best thing you can do is partnering with a Onlyfans digital agency, so that they can start your Onlyfans following flow in no time.

Being beginner in Onlyfans is challenging. Best way to have great competetive advantage while you are beginner is partnering with an Onlyfans management agency by sharing your profit margins. 

To start Onlyfans as a guy you should either create adult content plan or you can start to plan a different niche.

  • OnlyFans does not have an official app. But if you want to speed up your work with OnlyFans, you can add a desktop shortcut for quick access to the site. On iOS, you need to open the site in a browser, click on the share symbol (a square with an arrow) and select add to desktop.

OnlyFans is home to all kinds of creators – writers, musicians, fitness trainers, and more. Of course – this type of content is legal everywhere.

But if you’re going to be creating adult content, check your local laws. Some types of content may be illegal in some countries. Also check the news about whether there are cases of persecution of OnlyFans authors in your country.

For example, OnlyFans authors in Ukraine cannot publish sex content by law, but in real life there are many popular and talented authors who earn a lot of money and even pay taxes on this income.

  • Yes. The money is received anonymously. You can block users from your country. You can work without showing your face.



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