Only Fans Content Ideas for 2023

The social network that blew up the global Internet continues to gain momentum. They refer it to sites for adults and in terms of attendance in the Adult category, the project has already bypassed many well-known competitors (such as Bongacams ). There are more and more authors, the volume of published content is also increasing, and in order to break through, you need to come up with new and interesting Only fans ideas.

To make life easier for creators, we decided to collect original Only fans ideas. How to fill your page, everyone decides for himself. There are many record formats, you can’t limit yourself to anything, and you must definitely take into account the general direction of the project. The more often you post something new, the more likely you are to win the respect of subscribers.

What content is listed on Onlyfans?

The social network has already been dubbed “Instagram without frames”, because most of the authors post explicit photos and videos on their pages. It was the lack of censorship that helped this project take off so quickly. However, there are many people who maintain accounts without erotica.

Table of Contents

Pages in social networks bring in a lot of money if they are managed correctly. One of the most important factors is the quality of the content. It is for him that subscribers come, and in the case of the Onlyfans project, they also pay money for access to posts. Therefore, it is extremely important to try to share something really interesting.

Tips for creating Onlyfans content ideas to make money on Onlyfans are useful not only for beginners. Even those who have been running pages on this platform for a long time make the same mistakes. They do not understand why they fail to attract the attention of the audience and continue to post the same type of posts with mediocre content.

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What content should be posted on Onlyfans?


Accounts lead to different topics, music, cooking, sports, healthy eating and so on. However, the vast majority makes explicit content. This is the point of the platform. Chefs cook in sexy outfits, spicy poses are taken during yoga, singers post photos in swimsuits.

It is not necessary to create erotic content, although it will definitely not be superfluous. Some share new tracks, weight loss techniques, everyday life. For those who have already been promoted on the Internet, it is easier to find fans. If you’re starting from scratch, it’s better to have a free account because the content needs to be shown first.

If you haven’t registered on this site yet, be sure to check out how to sell photos and videos on Onlyfans .

Thousands of people are already earning on paid subscriptions, tips, broadcasts with this site. Unlike its counterparts, here you need to share the exclusive – what you will not see anywhere else. It sounds loud, in fact, Instagrammers share what they post on Instagram and they manage to collect fans with these Only Fans ideas.

Only Fans Content ideas are the key to success

When working on the creation of any kind of information (photo, video, text), you need to take into account important points. What to say about users of Onlyfans, if in popular social. networks, authors often step on the same rake. Before presenting useful recommendations, here are some general tips and Only Fans ideas :

  • entries should be diverse (polls, photos, videos, paid posts, stories, etc.);
  • it will definitely not be superfluous to add a little “pepper” to the content, they love spicy here;
  • the audience on Onlyfans prefers home shots and videos , rather than professional ones;
  • despite the previous paragraph, the quality of the photos should be on top;
  • buy an expensive camera for video recording too (more FHD quality is not required);
  • when placing paid posts, you need to restrain concentration, share something for free;
  • get a notebook and write down all your Only fans ideas for new entries, there are always not enough content ideas;
  • come up with something interesting, find your chip, stand out from the competition;
  • consider time zones when choosing the perfect time to post;
  • change shooting locations, only due to this you can make the content interesting.

If you are serious, search the Internet for various courses and educational articles on SMO and SMM. The Onlyfans service also belongs to social networks, the same tricks and tricks work here. Someone pays for communication with an idol, the majority subscribes solely for the sake of viewing content.

10 Best Only Fans Content ideas Tips for Onlyfans Creators

Even if a huge audience comes to your page, and new subscriptions constantly go to a free account, this does not guarantee success. After seeing multiple posts on the wall, users will unfollow and cancel auto-renewal. Therefore, each post must be approached responsibly. The most important points:

Subject selection

The type of site depends on the content. Even if turned on by an adult film actress, she can share her makeup secrets and this will not be an adult playground. Pay attention to the gaming industry, in 2019 it became the most profitable on the Internet. Many streamers from Youtube managed to register on Onlyfans, among them Jasmin Foxe:

Only fans ideas of Jasmine

The girl has always loved computer games, and got promoted on Twitch. Gradually, she developed a huge fan base that followed Jasmine to OnlyFans ideas. She has been working with the platform for a long time and mostly posts naughty pictures, but not completely naked (about the same as Instagram misses). 

Work should be fun

You won’t be successful if you’re not doing what you really like. Someone will say that girls mostly work on OnlyFans, posting explicit content. They get paid for doing what they love – getting attention, being in front of the camera, taking care of their bodies, turning men on. A prime example of this is Jem Wolfe from Australia:

Only fans content idea of Jem Wolfie

In all her interviews, the girl said that she enjoys everything that she does. She began to collect fans on Instagram, where she has 2.7 million subscribers. She is one of the most successful authors of OnlyFans. Recommends being creative and remaining enthusiastic.

Definition of the target audience

A page on social networks helps not only to interact with your fans. This is the place where you can really find clients and provide various services. Therefore, initially you need to decide who will subscribe to your channel and for whom the recordings are being prepared. For example, photographers can use the platform to showcase their portfolio:

Onlyfans idea of ruslan lobanov

Similarly, pages are maintained by designers, artists, operators, editors and many other specialists working on graphic content. There are other examples, chefs hire restaurant owners to create custom dishes, and fitness trainers sell personalized workout programs.

Interests of the target audience

Having determined the portrait of the target subscriber, the post format is selected. Based on the example above, if a photographer is looking for clients, it makes no sense to shoot yourself, and even more so, post erotic content. The ideal way to find out what is most expected of you is to ask directly or conduct a survey:

Onlyfans content ideas

Study the tastes of your subscribers with different Only fans ideas, try to post daily and watch how actively likes, comments, tips are added. There is no universal Only Fans ideas , you need to individually study the fans of each page. Just try and check, it’s easier to find the most attractive format.

Search for information on the Internet for Onlyfans Ideas

There can be no limit to the level of skill, so authors must constantly improve. Studying marketing techniques, selecting topics, learning the intricacies, learning photography and much more. The Internet is full of information in the public domain, including about the Onlyfans platform.

Look for more and those who lead the same pages. In ordinary social there are many more authors in networks, they also come up with different chips, they can be borrowed. Be one step ahead of your competitors, use all platform tools, stay tuned for updates, tread paths, this brings you closer to success.

Only Fans Content ideas plan – strategy and action

Even before posting the first entry, you need to schedule publications. Creating a perfect plan and Onlyfans ideas is not so easy, but you need to approach this matter individually. In addition, it is not always possible to make new content, shoot a video, take a picture. Therefore, you need to come up with some Onlyfans ideas like a work schedule for yourself:

  • 1 selfie per day;
  • short videos once a week;
  • long videos 2 times a month;
  • pictures from photo shoots 2 times a month;
  • one story per day;
  • surveys once a week;
  • live broadcasts once a month;
  • free mailing once a week.

In the description of some accounts, the authors tell how often they share this or that content. Firstly, fans will know exactly when a new entry will appear and will come to watch it first. Secondly, this is a powerful motivation for the author himself, who has to force himself to post something every time.

Fresh Only Fans ideas – creativity and fantasy

The name must be turned into your own brand, so that when you see the photo, everyone knows who is depicted on it. Therefore, you need to come up with your own chip that will stand out from the competition. Do not be afraid to experiment, the most daring decisions often help to quickly unwind. For example, one DJ girl uploads a topless photo at the remote control in an unusual mask:

Onlyfans content idea

gamers share their feedback, talk about the upcoming release of new projects, sponsors, cyber competitions or participate in them. In parallel, they collaborate with other authors, sometimes they even take photos and videos together. The ideal way to come up with something original is to combine two themes (sports and games, cooking and erotica)

Only Fans bio ideas :page

To create best bio ideas in Onlyfans, model should focus on 2 very important factors, wich are easily memorable and attractive 

Such as: Bellabumzy, in this case the bio recalls the “bum” as you might notice 🙂 and her name, and by ending with “zy” it adds brandable and cuteness to bio. 

So we can inspire from this factors.

Content exclusivity

Why should your fans pay to access content when something like this can be seen on free social media? Because only on OnlyFans can they see the exclusive. It doesn’t matter if you cosplay or write music, you need to highlight those who pay you money, and not just look at records:

Only fans idea of Polina Grace

In this example, the girl not only posted her candid photo, but also offered to listen to her new track via the link. It is not available anywhere yet, so only subscribers can enjoy the new composition. Each author should have a clear answer to the question – why should a fan pay money.

Content Distribution

The Onlyfans platform is a closed social network, therefore, posting content only here, it is extremely difficult to find new subscribers. You need to go beyond the boundaries of this resource and show your photos or videos on other sites. First of all, these are Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Facebook and other well-known services where foreigners go:

cmskubz instagram for Only fans content ads

This girl runs a page on Onlyfans and shares similar photos on Instagram. Someone uses YouTube, other Twitch, Telegram and many other projects. The main thing is not to post the same thing, subscribers should get something more interesting, unique and exclusive for money.

Exchange messages with other authors

Another great way to get promoted with your Onlyfans ideas, and at the same time show potential subscribers your content, is to agree on mutual PR with other authors. You need to look for pages with similar topics and a suitable target audience. When adding a link to the description, a block with a link to the profile is installed:

Sienna onlyfans content idea

The method is effective, but it should not be used too often. Advertising other accounts is not a new post, people do not subscribe to it. Build your base to exchange posts regularly.

Check out 10 steps to follow after registering with OnlyFans to avoid mistakes and set up your account properly.

Content creation should be treated like a full-time job. It is extremely difficult to come up with something interesting on a regular basis. It is even more difficult to find time to take a photo, record a video, then process it all, upload it to the site, respond to comments. But the prospects are wide open.


To sum it up, content is the most important part of making money through Onlyfans. To view the records, subscribers are willing to pay money. They should not get frustrated and turn off auto-renewal. Therefore, turn on your imagination, learn, watch how others do and be bolder. Just one viral post can bring huge popularity. 

In any social networks to promote your account you need to regularly publish fresh content. Subscribers pay money to OnlyFans, so you need to try twice as hard. But if at first there are a lot of Only fans content ideas in your head, then over time it becomes difficult to come up with something fresh. That is why we decided to write this post.

Use fundraising goals , it helps to unite your subscribers and work together to solve some global problem.

Regardless of which theme you decide to use, all Only fans ideas can be implemented in its own way. It is impossible to achieve popularity with nude shots alone, you need to express your brightness and creativity.

Mini series with new episodes

Want to keep your followers? Make sure they look forward to continuing the series of posts. Something like a series, episodes are published, serial content, like some show on television. Video bloggers often use this technique, with it just one story can turn into a whole epic.

Choose a specific day of the week on which the new series will be released. For example, some comedians release regular comedy videos. In addition to interest from fans, it also helps with personal motivation. Each time you need to prepare content for a specific day, because the audience is waiting for it. Arrange:

  • workouts on Mondays;
  • educational videos on Tuesdays;
  • motivational posts on Wednesdays;
  • open for communication Thursday;
  • testing the experiment on Fridays;
  • stories about personal life on Saturdays;
  • live broadcasts on Sundays.

The most important thing is to create a relationship between the records so that they are of the same format. These do not have to be videos, you can publish photos of certain content on specific days of the week.

Activity motivation from subscribers

You need to build strong and close relationships with subscribers. Authors who do not interact with the audience are quickly lost against the background of competitors. You need to respond to comments, take the initiative, send private messages and so on. All this increases activity in your direction. One of the best ways to hear from fans is to take a poll:

Content ideas for Onlyfans

To make your posts even more interesting, ask your followers to take some action. For example, to do the presented exercises and share feelings or express an opinion on the latest culinary recipes. Even better, ask your subscribers what they would like to see and develop more Only fans ideas this way, and so. Money is not needed for this, here is some simple Only fans ideas:

  • subscription discount;
  • signu;
  • free consultation;
  • exclusive photos and videos;
  • page PR;
  • access to contacts.

Polls and contests help authors get to know their target audience better and develop Only fans ideas around that. If you can’t think of an Only fans content ideas, ask your followers for help. They will tell you exactly what to play. Look for disputes in the comments and conduct polls based on them.

Questions and answers

Well-known video bloggers very often launch streams to answer common questions from subscribers. People ask the same thing, answer each individually, quickly gets bored. If you don’t have many subscribers yet, you can borrow questions from other people’s posts.

Content ideas for Onlyfans

You can answer questions online, publish photos, videos, texts. This is a general Only Fans ideas for any content format. Similarly, writing questions helps motivate activity.

What to ask subscribers?

  • what are your plans for 2023;
  • what would you like to see on my page;
  • what kind of books do you prefer?
  • your favorite films;
  • how much do you earn.

Answers help draw inspiration, as well as collect more information about the target audience. This works the same way as polls, but in this case, users can express their own thoughts.

educational posts

The Internet helps to acquire new knowledge and skills. Each author on Onlyfans has something to share with everyone – experience. What are you good at? Video editing, photo editing, professional make-up, or maybe in psychology? Create educational and helpful posts:

Content ideas for Onlyfans

Even advice on harmony in your head is valuable data. Teach your fans everything you know. Nobody likes to read textbooks, but useful posts on social networks are interesting. On Onlyfans, this format is used very often:

  • The PlasticBoy Makeup Artist Shares Makeup Secrets;
  • Skateboarder Will Estus teaches you how to do amazing tricks;
  • Teacher Sara Sofia helps to learn foreign languages;
  • Business woman Sierra Nicole teaches how to make money;
  • Photographer Danny Batista shares his photography secrets.

Some authors immediately choose the educational format and fill the pages only with educational posts. Anyone can use it to dilute a plain tape. Just take into account the interests of the target audience, not all knowledge is suitable for any topic.

Personal life (behind the scenes)

On Onlyfans, it is customary to be closer to subscribers than on other social networks. Here, people pay money, and in return they receive not only exclusive content, but also the opportunity to get to know their idol better or even communicate directly with him. Everyone is interested in how the person who leads the page lives.

Share your personal experience, plans for the future, tell us what you have recently learned, what stores you go to, what you eat, who surrounds you, about some hobbies. Become “your” person to create a feeling of real friendship.

Contests and events

Launch an event for the fans. It can be a drawing of valuable prizes, an online concert, a webinar and much more. All sorts of contests and live broadcasts help not only to revive the audience, but also to attract new subscribers. On only fans page ideas, this is not used so often.

If you decide to hold a draw, then choose the right prize, it should be of interest to the target audience. As mentioned above, it does not have to be a physical product (it still has to be delivered).

Collaboration with other authors

A great way to diversify content and at the same time take advantage of mutual PR. Look for other creators (not necessarily with Onlyfans) to make collaborative content. You may have to pay for it, but such advertising is definitely worth it. Ask subscribers to find you a co-author (whom they would like to see):


Please note that according to the rules of the social network, if another person is present in a photo or video, you must definitely put a link to his account. It is not necessary to look for authors from the same topics, you can come up with a connection with any direction and, due to this, make the Only Fans ideas even more interesting.

General problems and goals

Turn your page into a community that helps solve some problems. Through financial instruments on the site, you can use the platform as a fundraising system, for example, for animal shelters or the purchase of toys for children. A striking example was demonstrated by Elijah Daniel, who is engaged in charity work.

A guy from Los Angeles collects money through ONLYFANS to help the homeless and shares reports on the page. He does a good job and thereby wins the respect of his audience. Our people are not so willing to make donations, but the project is foreign, so you can extract money from foreigners.

Other Only fans content ideas for beginners

All authors experience a creative crisis from time to time. Everything is boring, the content is boring, the actions are performed of the same type. But you can not even stop for a while in posting publications. If you run out of Only Fans ideas and don’t feel like working, so try these Only fans ideas:

  • make only fans picture ideas for holidays (you can find it for every day);
  • take advantage of current trends and news, express your opinion;
  • review your best posts from the past year and do something similar;
  • tell us about the workflows, how you maintain the page, about the preparation and processing of content;
  • use fan comments, they can have a lot of cool Only Fans ideas;
  • look at the pages of other authors, discover new formats;
  • share what you like (design photo, viral video, smart quote);
  • make some kind of selection and publish a list (sites, programs, accounts) in the post;
  • conduct a study, set up an experiment, run a survey to develop more Only fans ideas;
  • choose some common problem and show the way to solve it;
  • post posts from the “How to do …” category, use any knowledge and experience;
  • share some statistics, you can from the official large sites;
  • talk about other people, and even better, interview someone;
  • share some funny, sad, memorable life story as Only fans idea, so subscribers can emote and entertained;
  • make a parody of someone, see what videos and people are trending right now.

Bookmark this page to find Only Fans ideas for new posts in difficult times. Experienced authors draw up a publication plan in advance, they have a schedule for each day of the week, which content should be posted. Follow their example, this is the best way to motivate yourself.


Only fans ideas come to mind by accident, and so you don’t forget them later, write them down on your smartphone. You may not need this right away, but when inspiration runs out, the list will help you not disappoint your fans. If you have any Onlyfans ideas of what else to post, please share them in the comments.

You can post anything you desire on Onlyfans, including sport routines, yoga classes, and nude content. 

To attract fans on Onlyfans, you should firstly find best  ideas for only fans content, and be consistent and intriguing while doing that.

Other than that, best practices is promoting your Onlyfans on Reddit communities and Tiktok as we learn from our experiences. 

Any content is allowed in Onlyfans including nude pictures to yoga classes. 



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